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An emergency relief programme delivered by Kingston Creative and The American Friends of Jamaica.

Best Pitch Forward

Best Pitch Forward provides creative entrepreneurs with an opportunity to share their creative ventures with a panel of potential investors.
CreaTech 2022


Roadmap for Creative Entrepreneur & Ecosystem Development
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Artwalk & Market Street

We support artists, artisans, creatives and entrepreneurs to develop their practice and showcase their work in a sustainable way at Last Sunday’s Market


We engage the community so that they can leverage their innate creativity, be a part of the creative development of Downtown and build profitable businesses

Paint the City

We regenerate the urban environment of downtown Kingston, using art to improve the space in which people live, work and play as well as where they think, invent and create

Creative Hub

We support creative entrepreneurs in starting up, incubating and building successful businesses

The Meetup

: We empower creatives through building trust and networking at the Last Friday’s networking Meetup

We offer tours in Downtown Kingston showcasing:

  • Authentic Jamaican cuisine paired with the rich history and heritage of the old city.
  • Historic and iconic sites that developed Jamaica’s music culture!
  • The expanding Arts District featuring diverse mural art on Water Lane and surrounding streets

Email [email protected] to learn more about each tour below!”

Water Lane Mural Art Tours

Join us for a stroll through the vibrant outdoor gallery on Water Lane and its adjoining streets. Birthed in 2018, this ever-expanding Art District now boasts dozens of stunning murals, each one telling its own story. On a one hour guided tour, take a peek into the creative minds and interpretations of our artists, and explore a world of sociocultural commentary on a range of topics ranging from our history and heritage to the colourful expressions of the various genres of our dynamic Jamaican culture.

We’re pleased to say our Art District is growing, so now you can enjoy the Art in three different ways!  We now have three routes: Outta Many, Feel De Riddim and Kulcha Pot, each one following  a different route and featuring different murals, and each one taking you on an immersive and edutaining journey! Can’t choose? Not a problem – why not do all three!

Outta Many

First timers to Water Lane will enjoy this route which celebrates not only the diversity of Jamaicans and who we are as a multi-faceted and creative people, but also the contribution  of other cultures to our rich history and heritage. Our global outlook and the close relations we enjoy with other countries is on full display in many of these murals which weave together Jamaican talent along with the creativity of visiting artists to produce beautiful partnerships in Art.

As you  wander through  the many murals on this route, you will find yourself immersed in the joyful celebration of  life – from our childhood fantasies and our treasured icons, to our bold and inimitable culture, and the Yin and Yang of  life in general. Join us for a walk on the Outta Many route and leave inspired by the uplifting messages of peace, love, and unity!

TIME: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Overseas Visitors:
Adults – US$25 | Children – US$15

Jamaican and Jamaica-based Residents:
Adults – J$1,800 | Children – J$1,300

Feel De Riddim

The pulsating Rhythm of Jamaican music permeates our Feel De Riddim route, and you’ll probably dance your way through many of the murals in this segment of our Art District which boasts an iconic wall of fame with portraits of some of the legendary greats! But you will also feel de riddim of Jamaica’s influence in many other spheres including dance, sports, and even social and political activism.

The murals along this route artfully mix the playful with the serious, as the Artists pull you into a world that is part fact and part fiction. And as you feel de riddim and the push and pull of every day Jamaican life colourfully reflected on the walls around you, you may well find yourself agreeing with the Artist whose comical piece concludes – “Jamaica is not a Real Place” ……or is it?

TIME: 10:00 a.m.

Overseas Visitors:
Adults – US$25 | Children – US$15

Jamaican and Jamaica-based Residents:
Adults – J$1,800 | Children – J$1,300

Kulcha Pot

The Kulcha Pot route serves up a delightful feast for the culture-hungry visitor! All the senses are awoken and tantalized along this route which covers a fantastic range of cultural genres, immersing the visitor in a world of literature, theatre, fashion, food, music and dance!  Each piece vibrates with a multitude of themes and you can’t help but enjoy the many flavours coming from this pot!

From Jonkanoo to dancehall, from traditional to contemporary, for the young and for the old – there’s something here for everyone, all in one big melting “Kulcha” pot!

TIME: 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Overseas Visitors:
Adults – US$25 | Children – US$15

Jamaican and Jamaica-based Residents:
Adults – J$1,800 | Children – J$1,300

Mural & Gallery Tour- FIGURES IN MOTION

Join us for a Mural Art & Gallery experience that’s sure to inspire and captivate your senses! This unique opportunity takes you on a guided tour through the heart of Kingston’s colourful Art District en route to CreativSpace, the newest Art Gallery in Downtown Kingston.

Explore “The Journey Continues II”, a captivating solo exhibition of over 20 sculptures along with several drawings by master sculptor Raymond Watson, who probes the wonders of the human form through visual experimentation of materials, movement and space. Reflect on spirituality, justice and community among other aspects of Jamaican life as you wander through this exhibition, and join a curatorial tour of the pieces for insight into Watson’s creative thought process in his much anticipated showcase in thirteen years!

As you make your way back from the Gallery, our guided tour will take you through the newly enhanced streetscape of Duke Street, where you’ll explore more cultural, historical, and artistic artefacts.

Jamaican and Jamaica-based Residents:
Adults – J$2,500 | Children – J$1,500

Taste of the City Food Tour

A diverse culinary experience of the bold scents and tastes that Downtown Kingston has to offer. Patrons are treated to a stroll through Downtown Kingston, where they eat their way through a journey of delightful bites that represent Jamaica’s rich culinary traditions and history.

You’ll visit 3 restaurants in the Harbour Street and Waterfront areas, taste unique spins on Jamaican food, & discover ineteresting facts about the restaurants and Downtown Kingston!

Overseas Visitors:
Adults – US$68 | Children – US$45

Jamaican and Jamaica-based Residents:
Adults – J$9,000 | Children – J$7,000

Sounds of the City Tour

A trip around Downtown Kingston that gives the full experience of Jamaican music culture. On this three hour bus tour, visitors will have the opportunity to take in the iconic sites that produced the sounds that contributed to Jamaica’s world renowned reggae music as well as exhibitions that showcase history that birthed our unique music culture.

From the famous Rocker’s International Record Store to Trenchtown – the birthplace of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae, and home to Reggae icon Bob Marley – come experience the ‘Sounds of the City’!

Overseas Visitors:
Adults – US$65 | Children – US$35

Jamaican and Jamaica-based Residents:
Adults – J$7,500 | Children – J$4,000